Project Goals

The Latifi Tezkere is a significant source for Ottoman literary history, criticism and theory. Latifi’s Tezkere has two different versions. The modern critical edition of the tezkere is based on the second (ca. 1575) version. There is no modern edition of the 1546 version. There are no studies on style development that examine the locution differences between the two editions. Today, the modern edition based on the second edition is perceived by researchers as if it were the 1546 original text.  Therefore, differences in style and significant content between the two versions go unnoticed by researchers.  This later version is included among the primary sources of Ottoman literature. Research (articles, dissertations) conducted on the Latifi Tezkere produce inaccurate results by virtue of this confusion of sources.  This project, a transcribed digital text of the 1546 Latifi Tezkere, will provide a primary source for Ottoman literary studies which will shed light on the history of prose, style and the development of the tezkere genre.