A Digital Transcription Of The 1546 Version Of The Latifi Tezkere

a Digital Transcription (Latin and Ottoman scripts) of the 1546 (Kayseri Raşid Efendi 1160) version of the Latifi Tezkere 


The first phase of the Latifi Project will include:


  • Creating a digital transcription of the Raşid Efendi MS using the Reversible Transcription Tool developed by Newbook. With the tool, entering a standardized transcription in Latin characters at the same time produces an linked Ottoman/Arabic script transcription that is easily compared to the original text.

  • Publishing the transcription and preparing the transcribed texts for display on the website and for automatic conversion to printable PDF. This will make the transcription available to researchers very soon after the completion of the initial transcription.
  • Applying digital tools to indexing and concordancing the transcription to provide the framework for a hypertextual publication.